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Paul SmithThein Soe Min


About your Agent:

Experience is absolutely imperative when searching for an experienced agent, especially when pivoting during a significant life change. Having traveled extensively for almost a decade, working in various charities, and more recently caring for loved family in their retirement years, returning to property sales is exactly what life has me excited for. I genuinely care about people, and for those who appoint me to the task of selling, I will outperform my competitors. My speciality in negotiation will genuinely benefit those motivated by the dreaded D’s of life, and my personal experience in departure, divorce and death, and my compassion for those with mounting debt are invaluable when depression and difficulty have made selling necessary. 

Melbourne may be the State where my extensive sales results have been recognised, and where my people skills were polished, it is my recent life experiences that will help you achieve success in the most buoyant property market many have ever seen. As I embark on my new found territory, life experience coupled with motivation is the springboard I will harness on my road to success.

My problem solving skills and ability to adapt quickly have allowed me to excel during the leaner times of high interest rates and stagnant sales. My previous Real Estate office recognised me as a consistent member of their illustrious top 5% of performers.

How you determine who is the right agent to best represent you when buying and selling can only be achieved with a personal meeting. Quite simply, an appraisal from a professional in their field. All I ask is that you allow me the opportunity to successfully be your negotiation expert. After listing, I will be on site selling from beginning to end. The professional and relatable connections we will form are unmissable, natural and fluid. After all, this is more often than not the single most important financial choice of your lives. I trust that we can agree having your investment in the right agent is paramount, and fittingly I would never accept a job that I cannot deliver an exceptional market result. Allow me an opportunity to help you stand out from the crowd as I make my mark in this exciting, thriving neighborhood.

My charming negotiation and people skills will be supported by a support team unparalleled locally by independent operators. Quite simply, Ray White Corporate delivers World leading support systems and up to date training, and safe information savvy tools  at our fingertips for fluidity and peace of mind. 

Ultimately, our common aim is to surpass your sales performance expectations and needs, while sourcing all cost effective marketing that effectively are proven to work. We live in a dynamic time and understand our technologically sophisticated marketplace and will never compromise your  personal safety when selling your home. 

I am candid, genuine, honest, approachable and knowledgeable.  All I ask is that you consider how communication and connection might be the conduit of performance, but trust and consistent customer service is the whole experience where everybody wins. 

Chris Helder wrote recently, “It is the greatest time in the history of the world to be alive”, and whatever your situation, if you happen to need an expert to assist you in any property related matter, why not consult a negotiation specialist that connects the useful needs of people better than ever before?

In anticipation of a worthwhile meeting soon, Paul Smith