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Johnson Teo 张中胜



Johnson’s real estate profession started in 2015 and is backed by 8 very successful years of sales with some of Australia’s biggest banks, winning multiple top honours and awards for achievements and service. Johnson’s dedication to building trust and relationship with clients is his mantra and he is constantly honing his negotiation skills to ensure his clients are getting the very best results for their most valuable assets.

With a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance and a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, Johnson is well equipped to ask all of the right questions to ensure both buyers and sellers have a smooth and stress free experience.

Born in Singapore, Johnson speaks fluent English and Mandarin. Johnson has the ability and the cultural know how to communicate and negotiate with Chinese and South East Asian buyers as they favour to move into Brisbane and Logan.

Johnson has built his career to date on hard work and diligence. With great personality, energy and always working in the clients' best interests, you will be in good hands when you choose to sell or buy with Johnson.

Johnson has completed award-winning professional training to become a Liveability Real Estate Specialist. This qualification allows him to maximise the results for his customers by fully understanding how to identify an additional 17 Liveability Features during an appraisal and market and promote their benefits to buyers.

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Ratemyagent - Daisy Hill Agent of the Year - 2021
Ratemyagent - Springwood Agent of the Year - 2021
Ratemyagent - Daisy Hill Agent of the Year - 2020
Ratemyagent - Loganholme Agent of the Year - 2020
Ratemyagent - Daisy Hill Agent of the Year - 2019
Ratemyagent - Springwood Agent of the Year - 2019
Ratemyagent - Springwood Agent of the Year - 2018
Ratemyagent - Springwood Agent of the Year - 2017
Ratemyagent - #52 Agent in Australia - 2017

$1 million in settled commission for Ray White - 2018

Ray White Elite Agent - 2021
Ray White Premier Agent - 2021
Ray White Premier Agent - 2020
Ray White Premier Agent - 2019
Ray White Premier Agent - 2018
Ray White Premier Agent - 2017
Ray White Premier Agent - 2016
Ray White Rising Star Award - South of the River - 2016

Why Choose Johnson Teo to sell your property?

+ Johnson treats everyone genuinely and honestly; He is an agent who cares
+ He sells properties wholeheartedly and dedicates his all into each property sale
+ Intimate knowledge on creating competition among buyers and bring you multiple offers
+ Secure the best price for you, working in your best interests
+ He is involved with everything from start to finish; He focuses his time on your property, he is 100% accountable to you; He is 100% committed to your sale
+ Extremely hands on, staging your property to make it appealing to buyers
+ Handles buyers really well; Excellent customer service; Efficient and fast response
+ Keeps you informed every step of the way; Weekly vendor meetings and reports
+ Multilingual, ability to negotiate with Chinese and Asian buyers
+ He holds many record prices in record time selling due to the rigorous process and formula he follow
+ He makes selling a stress free and enjoyable experience for you


中胜注定是房地产销售的精英。他的人脉与经验非常广 – 拥有在澳大利亚四大银行的工作经验,争取了8年非常优秀的表现,多次赢得最高荣誉和奖项的成就。中胜可利用他的强项和销售技巧来帮助客户卖房,取得最理想的效果。



中胜有今天的成就,都是靠他的努力和勤奋。一个满怀活力,信心与富有性格的年轻人 – 让中胜买卖你的房子,你可以有一万个放心


+ 中胜是用一颗真诚的心对待每一个人;他是一位充满关怀的房产中介

+ 他全心全意的为你卖房,全神贯注为你效劳

+ 打造购房者之间的竞争,带给你多重的买者出价,好让你有选择

+ 替你拿下最佳的价格,处处为你着想

+ 他在卖房的过程中,从头到尾一手包办;他专注100%的时间在你的产业上, 100% 尽全力

+ 他不光说,也能够动上双手布置你的房子,好吸引买家给你出个好价钱

+ 待遇出任 – 尤其是买家;提供优越的服务让买家对他有深刻的影响; 高效和快速的回应

+ 让你在卖房的每一步保持最新的消息; 每一周提供卖房报告书

+ 善于多重语言和文化,具有与本地老外,中国和亚洲买家的高上谈判能力

+ 由于中胜卖房的程序非常严谨与勤奋,他创造了许多破纪录的价格和买卖的时间

+ 他可让复杂的买卖房过程,变成一个轻松,愉快的体验


  • 2020/2021 - Elite Performer
  • 2019/2020 - Premier Performer
  • 2018/2019 - Premier Performer
  • 2018 - $1 million in settled commission in their career
  • 2017/2018 - Premier Performer
  • 2017 - Premier Member (AUS)
  • 2016 - Premier Member (AUS)
  • 2016 - Rising Star Award
  • 2016 - Significant Settled Commission $250,000
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