Shaynna Blaze from Selling Houses Australia shares her expert tips.

By Chris Guy

You can’t always build more space into the floor plan of tiny properties – but you can be clever about using the room you have.

Got a tiny living space? Follow my top tips below to make the most of what you have.

1. Too much furniture will make an interior feel small, so limit your choices to just the vital pieces.

2.Try and make sure everything has a double function. Things that tuck away when you don’t need them are a great option, for example a flip-down table attached to the day bed at the Batehaven house.

3. In the kitchen, a roller door hides appliances when they’re not in use and cuts down on visual clutter.

4. Borrowing ideas from other well thought out design solutions is a good idea – think boats and caravans.

5. We all know how practical under bed storage is but I’ve given the idea a little twist with day beds. They are a place to sit during the day and the pull out drawers are useful for linen or toys. At night they can be turned into single beds.

7. Using walls and dead areas under the sink in a small bathroom is vital. Any storage opportunities that don’t take up floor space are a must.

8. When it comes to wall coverings steer clear of obvious patterns, like bricks. Use one or two light colours as your main focus – this will visually push the walls out.

If you want to create contrast stick to the same colour palette but use quarter or half strength paint for trims or doors.

Creative ideas can give tiny properties the real wow factor, and it can be fun working out the solutions.

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